Grace Baudino is a failure. As a child she failed at keeping quiet, behaving well and minding her own business. She failed at cheerleading and landing parts in school plays. She failed at team sports, fashionable dress and persuading James McNichol to go to the prom with her.  Grace failed at navigating the Christian College where she spent two unremarkable years shuffling from class to class, wondering why none of these nice conservative boys wanted to date her. She failed at a paramedic career, a brief stint as a professional musician and she completely mangled her first attempt at marriage.  These days, Grace regularly kills houseplants, feeds her step kids too much junk-food and she really isn’t a great driver.  In fact, Grace has bungled virtually everything she’s attempted in her adult life-

-Except for two things.

Grace is very good at death and writing… in that order.

Grace Baudino graduated from the University of None-of-Your-Business with a degree in writing and literature.  She taught poetry to at-risk youth and enjoyed success as a touring slam poet before finding her true calling as a deputy medical examiner.  These days, Grace wrangles the dead of her county and maintains both a blog and podcast, detailing her (mis)adventures with death in America.  Grace has discovered death can be pretty funny, once you stop taking LIFE so seriously.  And you might as well laugh at death, God knows he’s laughing at you.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I would genuinely like to know who you got into this position and what degrees/ certifications are needed.
    I’m an RN with 10+yrs of diverse experience and currently enrolled in a MSN Forensics program.
    I do it know of anyone else to ask these questions so I hope you don’t mind me reaching out.
    Holli Dixon

    • Hi, sorry I’m shit at responding to messages. tbh youre way over-qualified. But your best bet is to look at “Government jobs . com” or look at the ABMDI website- they list postings there. just start applying. I have no doubt someone will pick you right up.

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